Donald trump Chicago

Donald Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner, was forced to cancel his Chicago rally on Friday after fights broke out between supporters and protesters.
At least five sections of the arena at the University of Illinois at Chicago were filled with protesters, and after consultations with local law enforcement, it was decided that the safety of the thousands of people at the venue needed to be protected.


Numerous fistfights broke out as the announcement was made and Chicago police had to intervene in order to detain and forcefully remove a handful of protesters. As police were clearing the arena, cries of “Trump!” And “Bernie!” could be heard among the crowds. The incident in Chicago seems to be the culmination of a growing rift between the supporters of Trump and his detractors who feel that the Trump campaign rhetoric incites hatred, violence and racism. Reports indicate that this was not a spontaneous outburst of violence. Protesters had apparently spent days planning the disruption, and they succeeded in their goal.


Trump’s closest rival in the GOP race is Sen. Ted Cruz, who is Trump’s closest rival in the race for the Republican nomination, told reporters “”When the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence, to punch people in the face, the predictable consequence of that is that it escalates. Today is unlikely to be the last such incident.” Cruz also commented that “in any campaign, responsibility starts at the top.” In turn, Trump has said that up until this incident in Chicago, the campaign has “never had much of a problem”. When asked by CNN’s Don Lemon if he had any regrets so far regarding his fiery campaign attitude, Trump responded “I don’t have regrets.” Trump also said, “These were very, very bad protesters. These were bad dudes. They were rough, tough guys.” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has praised the Chicago police officers’ restraint and efforts under trying conditions. Later on Friday, The Trump campaign cancelled an event planned for Sunday in downtown Cincinnati.

The Breakfast Club interviews Bernie Sanders

Hip Hop artists are putting in their vote in the Presidential Election. Rappers are selecting the candidates that they like and are putting in their vote. Killer Mike is a supporter of Bernie Sanders. He has referred to himself as the rap game Bernie Sanders and due to this is showing support for this candidate. According to the rapper he has an unconventional method which is building a following in the hip hop community.

When Killer Mike was asked how he would compare Hillary Clinton to in the rap he almost instantly said Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice has been accused of ripping of other artists in the game. Killer Mike was making a reference toward this incident with his answer. Rappers and their political views are more mainstream than ever. They have the power to influence fans and their opinions about presidential candidates is something to keep an eye on. No artist besides Killer Mike has outright supported a candidate yet, however this could change in the coming months.

Denise 'Vanity' Matthews

Vanity, a singer, actress and a born again evangelist dies right after the “day of love”-February 15. She succumbed to death after suffering from Sclerosis Encapsulating Peritonitis for a long time. The actress rose to fame as a result of her former hit Nasty Girl that won her a wider audience.

By the time of her death, Denise Katrina Mathews, her real names, died at the age 57. Before she turned to evangelism, she had several albums under her belt that included Skin on Skin and Wild Animal. Some of her hit singles that did the rounds include Undress, Mechanical Emotion and Pretty Mess.

By the time Vanity succumbed to renal failure, she had successfully starred in various movies like Action Jackson, 52 pick-up and The Last Dragon. She was also working on a book that she hoped would help her raise her medical bills. On Gofundme, Vanity said she had never been an alcoholic in her entire life. This was in response to her former diagnosis that indicated she had Pancreatitis although the diagnosis was reverted to Sclerosis Encapsulating Peritonitis.

In her former posts, Vanity said she was in a lot of pain and added that she will hold on until her savior comes for her soul. The renal failure she had was attributed to her former drug abuse in 1994 that saw her go through 23 surgeries.

Most of her fans, hiphop family and friends including Sheila E, her drummer sent their heartfelt condolences to her family.